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Fit Through Life

As a passionate Fitness Trainer & Health Coach, I understand that the best way to achieve our life’s goals is to take a proactive and integrative approach to being healthy and happy. Scroll below to start learning how.

Meet Alice

Certified Health Coach 

Fitness and health have always been a passion of mine. With an M.S. in kinesiology, I  worked as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor for many years. Eventually, I returned to school and became a nurse. By nature, I’m nurturing, and empathetic, and value all humanity as precious. I worked as a trauma and psychiatric nurse until disaster struck! The high pressure, lack of support, and occasional lateral abuse caused stress that affected my mental health. I felt devastatingly defeated. During this time I was transitioning into a new post menopausal body, gained weight, had chronic joint inflammation, and many other symptoms of menopause. I took time to heal by re-committing to lifting weights, changing my diet to decrease inflammation, and losing weight. Because the healthcare system in America does not fully recognize the peri/post-menopausal woman, I had to advocate for myself and search out evidence regarding declining hormonal levels. My final victory is still unfolding, yet I’m committed to surrounding myself with positivity, love, and inspiration. I want to extend grace to other women looking for a new direction so that they, too, can live in harmony with their passion & and purpose.

What I Specialize In

Personal Training In-person or Online

Establishing Healthy Eating Habits

Adopting a Healthy Lifestyle

Setting Realistic Fitness Goals

Goal Setting, Accountability, Support

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

Alice gave me the accountability and tools to stay on the path to achieve the goals that we set together. Her professional, positive and insightful demeanor made our sessions valuable and the results successful.  Through asking questions and learning about my goals, hopes & dreams, she worked with me to create tangible, achievable action items to focus on one week at a time.  This divided a larger goal topic into more achievable short-term goals.  Alice helped me realize the facets of my life that I wanted to improve and, through our sessions, provided the tools to make it happen.   

- L.A., San Diego, CA

“I've had the pleasure of working with Alice numerous times as a Yoga Teacher & fitness professional in the gym. She is one of the nicest and most compassionate people I know and cares deeply about what she does with determination and grit.”

- T.E.

Alice has been training me for over 6 months. I couldn't be more impressed with a trainer. I have had many other trainers in the past but Alice surpasses all of them. She is detailed in her workouts. Remembers everything I've ever told her about my previous medical issues. I am a 60-year-old gal who doesn't want to be treated like an "old" person. She made me work as hard as a 30-year-old because she knew I could do it! I have seen amazing results in my muscle tone, diet, and entire wellness. Her experience in the medical field, nutrition, and training makes her all in one! She is just amazing and a good person to boot. I highly recommend her. You will not be disappointed in having her as your trainer. 


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