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What is Health & Wellness Coaching?

Health Coaching is guiding someone through the process of making behavior changes in their lives to achieve a higher level of well-being so that they can flourish in life. It is the process of eliciting autonomous motivation through asking open-ended questions, offering reflections, goal setting, and encouraging accountability.


You, the client, know yourself the best, so my job is to maintain neutrality, non-judgment, be emphatic, and be completely present for you on your journey.

My intention is to guide you to rediscover and reclaim happiness, joy, and peace with the aim of building self-confidence, self-love, and living life on your terms in authentic self-discovery.

As women, we are given a second chance at life after menopause. I can help you look at aging & menopause differently.

We will take your lifetime of lived experience & reclaim a new sense of self that will re-ignite your zest for life.

We will work one-on-one to create a personalized health plan in any area you choose. We will leverage your strengths and values to create changes that allow you to flourish.

Being Fit Through life is an ageless experience and will strengthen your inner wisdom, and power to reclaim your joy.

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